Wedding Photography
Most couples would agree that Wedding Photography is more on capturing special moments during a wedding. This is partly correct. However, the meaning even becomes more simplified. This type of art has changed in the past 20 years.


And today, every couple has their unique meaning and understanding of it. Years before, photographers for those events act as technicians behind a black-box. And, couples hire them to mainly produce the picture of the big day. The purpose is to simply record the event. And, the chosen photographer typically has 6 scheduled wedding in a day.


Technology offered something new. In fact, there are state of the art gadgets such as Digital Camera which produces well-exposed snapshots at an inexpensive cost. In view of this, a professional wedding photographer needs to offer more to surpass the level of competition. With the advanced technology, people are able to offer stunning and beautiful photos that record a wedding in a narrative and artistic way. And sometimes, they make it in an evocative and flattering manner.


  • First Look: Seeing his lovely bride for the first time is very romantic and worth documenting.
  • Shoulder’s Kiss: Tender and soft kiss, this classic yet sweet gesture is an “inspirational nod” to epic romance.
  • Walking Down the Road Drama: Just the 2 of you walking provides for that exceptional feeling. This provides a perfect ambiance and a fairytale ending.
  • Stolen Moment: This is like a storybook romance and picture of everlasting love.
  • Dress Twirl: Allow the wind to blow your dress and hair. This provides for a relaxing snapshot that is full of hope, care and love.
  • Dreamy Kiss: This PDA kiss will forever be part of your love and relationship.
  • Photojournalistic Happiness: Happy up-close and candid, this type of shot is more of being in love and being newly married joie de vire.
  • Under a Canopy: This super inspiring and romantic snapshot lets you have an endless kiss under a canopy.
  • DO IT YOURSELF Wedding Signs: Say everything you want and get it fully documented with the use of a “DIY chalkboard sign”.
  • Creative Props: Do you know that props are a fun extension to your chosen wedding style. Make use of one or two props to shed the light and embellish mood on your personality.
  • The Wedding Venue: Get epic venue snapshot that sings with great sophistication, style and elegance.


Basic Wedding Photographic Styles


  1. Reportage Wedding Photography: This is also referred to as a photojournalism or documentary photography. This type of approach documents and covers the occasion without directing the guests or wedding couples. Instead, it tries capturing the occasion in the most creative and most natural way.


  1. Traditional Wedding Photography: This is utilized to describe the “old fashion way” of lining-up the guest, family and wedding couples for traditional snapshots.


  1. Contemporary Wedding Photography: This can be described as “glossy” which is trendier as compared to the traditional wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Courses


If you truly have a great passion with weddings and you are after taking it to the next level, wedding photography ideas offer great flexibility for numerous amateur photographers. Through this, they can learn for the new techniques and skills in running their “wedding photography” business. Below are some of the pointers which you need to remember when looking for a wedding photography course provider:


  1. Wedding Photography Knowledge: Bear in mind that the knowledge serves as the key for you to fully understand how to present and capture wedding images. This also educates you on how to work for the entire wedding setup. You can learn on how to build your confidence level to feel more ready and prepared.


  1. Photographic Ability Confidence: Wedding photography businesses requires great confidence. As an owner, you must be confident with your capture settings, equipments, and the whole wedding which includes planning and post wedding duties. Your belief and self confidence will grow. And, you will surely earn respect and excel in the field.


Respect and trust are essential for you to gain more connection and clients. Once you have surpassed your client’s expectations, they will surely be the ones to recommend you. Through them, you can be more visible and well known. Once you are already in demand, you gain respect from your friends and fellow photographers. You will no longer need to spend a great amount of money over advertising and other marketing strategies.


Wedding Photography Tips


  1. Create Shot List: As a photographer, you need to think before hand of the shots which you like to capture and compile them in one list. And, check them completely. This approach is proven to be very helpful during family shots. Through this, you can remember all of the important guests.


  1. Family Photo Coordinator Wedding Photography: Family photo is quite stressful since people often go anywhere they like. And, you are unaware of their dynamics. Thus, you must require the couple to appoint for their family member acting as the director of the shoot. This person will be the one to gather the family members that must line up for the photograph.